Sigint Solutions

Long Term EMF Measurements

In certain cases a single or limited time period measurements cannot present adequate results in respect to the electromagnetic field sources. This often applies to areas where base station antennas or electrical and electronic devices operate in specific time periods of the day and night. For instance a mobile base station antenna transmission power level changes in respect to the number of subscribers that communicate with the specific antenna. Another example is the AC power lines and power transformers loads that increase in respect to the power consumption demands (especially in the summer periods).

It will be useful, for the above cases, to have a general overview of the electromagnetic field levels for a 24h period. Sigint Solutions EMF laboratory is able to provide long term EMF measurement services where ever this is necessary.

The technicians/engineers of the EMF laboratory visit the area under study and precede with the identification of EMF radiation sources. The purpose is to choose the measurement point that presents the higher exposure hazard. With the completion of the identification process the measurement equipment is set in place and adjusted to perform long term EMF measurement for a specific time period. The time period ranges for a number of hours (e.g. 8 hours if the examining area is a working space) to a full 24 hour measurement. The measurement process is monitored through remote access and the results are stored in a laptop PC though a specialized EMF measurement software.

With the completion of the preset time period measurements the EMF equipment is being removed from the location by the technician/engineer. The measurement results are then being analyzed in the laboratory premises and an EMF measurement report is being prepared, depicting the EMF level variations in respect to time.