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Wireless Emulators


S-TVS emulator refers to Sigint’s TV White Spaces (TVWS) experimental testbed emulator. Emulator can be used to evaluate the performance and deployment of DVB, WiFi and WiMAX networks in TV White Spaces. Emulator can evaluate the performance of these networks under co-existence conditions and assess the effect possible co-channel by providing where applicable BER, MER, PSNR and throughput performance figures. S-TVS emulator can be also driven by TruNET simulator for realistic large scale network evaluation in complex environments.


  • Digital TV Network Planning
  • Co-Existence studies
  • Video Quality transmission tests in TVWS
  • Mobility (DVB IP data link)
  • QoS/QoE (DVB IP data link)
  • Localisation 


  • DVB-T,T2
  • DVB data (IP)
  • TVWS 802.11
  • TVWS 802.16


  • Radio Network information

Extension Modules

  • Localisation
  • DVB data (IP)
  • Custom

Extended Functionality

  • Location
  • Network / QoS information for DVB IP data  links
  • Custom 


  • Simulators
  • Emulators
  • Custom