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Radio Planning Services

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Network Design

Sigint Solutions Ltd offers specialized network planning services through its accredited ISO17025 EMF laboratory and its in-house developed radio planning 3D simulation software TruNET. Additional radio planning services, through real-time measurements, are conducted during and after the completion of the base station installation in order to verify the simulation results. Based on the results Sigint will propose solutions in order to maximize the quality of service.


Site Acquisition

Sigint Solutions Ltd has experience in identification of potential base station sites and in the conclusion of site acquisition agreements for various types of projects. These projects include potential sites in building rooftops, indoor solutions and plots, with single or multi-owners situations as well as government and communal ownerships.

The identification process commences by specifying the overall area where the proposed station would be erected. This is done either by the customer or in co-operation with Sigint Solutions according to the customer and network specifications. A list of potential sites is then prepared by Sigint Solutions Ltd.

Following the identification of potential sites, Sigint Solutions proceeds with a further investigation on the ownership status and potential use of the candidate sites. For the sites that are considered strong candidates, Sigint would contact the corresponding owners, and establish whether there is mutual ground for co-operation always based on the technical and economical specification of the customer.

If the initial contact is positive Sigint will proceed, along with the customer, with the re-evaluation of the technical suitability through the preparation of the Site Survey Report. In communication with the customer is decided whether or not Sigint will proceed with the finalization of the agreement.

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Radio Measurement Campaigns

The  EMF Measurement Laboratory of Sigint offers:

  1. Complete Radio coverage studies and Benchmarking 

  2. Evaluation of Electromagnetic Field exposure in the vicinity of telecommunication base station installations (Mobile Telephony, TV, Radio, etc.)

  3. Estimation of Electromagnetic Field exposure for proposed telecommunication base station installations

  4. Evaluation of Electromagnetic Field exposure for indoor wireless networks (WiFi, picocell GSM/UMTS/LTE, DECT, etc.)

EMF Shielding Studies

Sigint also provides a vast range of EMF Shielding material, especially manufactured for both TEMPEST applications as well as EMF health protection.

The Testing & Measurement Surveys provide all the necessary information in regards to electric and magnetic field radiation sources in a space under study. The information is used for the preparation of the EMF shielding report with conclusions and recommendations for the best possible shielding and mitigation solutions.


Following the implementation of the proposed solutions and shielding materials, the testing & measurement survey is repeated at the same measurement points in order to provide a comprehensive analytical assessment of the results of EMF shielding in the space under study.

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