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Argus IoT


Argus IoT

ARGUS brand is a comprehensive IoT solution that consists of a software platform as well as a hardware family of IoT devices for various applications.


The software platform (Argus IoT) was designed to meet the needs of small to medium size enterprises.

On a top level is a data aggregation application that can:

• Manage devices and assets.

• Receive data.

• Analyze data.

• Visualize this data.

ARGUS platform has been developed in different variations, for a range of applications and industry sectors, taking into consideration the current market and future trends.

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Argus Series:

ARGUS-AGRO: for smart, precision agriculture solutions, soil and ambient air parameters monitoring, including disease predictions.


✲ ARGUS-HYDRO: for smart hydroponic solutions, through which a range of critical parameters is monitored and used for alerting and assisting decision making.

✲ ARGUS-METEO: for provision of stand-alone flexible and modular solutions dedicated for scientific, reliable, and accurate monitoring of meteorological and environmental conditions.

✲· ARGUS-INDUSTRY: for monitoring a series of industrial related conditions ranging from air quality, storage environmental conditions, equipment operating conditions, hazardous and other gas levels, security breaching of sensitive areas and more.

ARGUS-HOME: for a wide range of home applications,

such as pool status monitoring and regulation of chemical mixtures, electrical power consumption monitoring and provision of alerts and recommendations for consumption optimization, air quality and ambient conditions monitoring and more.

Lettuce Farm

Argus IoT

Ability to store historical sensor information and logs for up to 2 years.


  • Hardware agnostic scalable architecture

  • Hierarchical user and device approach

  • Support for industry standard communication formats

  • Ability to perform data normalization and successfully clean noisy sensor readings.

  • Comprehensive data analytics and visualization tools.

  • Ability to provide near real time data monitoring with customizable dashboards.

  • Ability to trigger alarms according to specified logical conditions and comparisons.

  • Ability to embed prediction models.

Technical Characteristics
Sensor Connectivity
Support up to 8 high accuracy Sensors. 2 Pulse channels for Precipitation sensor support and water flow meter support SDI12 Sensor support
Sensor Types as per Section General Description – Table 1
Heavy duty - IP 67 water proofing
Endurance – Low Energy Consumption
9 Months standby time, Solar charging, Battery protection

Argus IoT Specifications

Argus' IP67 waterproof enclosure houses all components, including PCBs and electronic parts, assembled and tested within SIGINT’s Lab.


ARGUS hubs are equipped for autonomous operation with a solar cell, charging circuits, and batteries. The PCB module features openings for humidity and sunlight measurements, alongside waterproof connectors for antennas and external sensors.

Sensors interface with the microcontroller, and an intelligent application connects microprocessors to the Gateway’s Network. Sensor values are read using various protocols like I2C, ADC, and UART communication.

The wireless communication network supports Wi-Fi and cellular technologies and can accommodate LoRA upon request.

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